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Key Words: Sun in Capricorn; manifestation; integrity, character.

Often power is seen as influence over others. I can bend you at my will. However, within, power is the balancing act of vulnerability and strength, and bending at our own will.


The four disks are set in a square representing the four corner towers
of a fort. Each bears the sign of an alchemical element. This formation symbolizes security and strength on all levels of being. The power expressed in the card is shown in the solid, almost rigid form of the building. Everything is in its place. No superfluous ornaments decorate
the fortress walls.

This submission to a prescribed order has both positive and negative aspects. Such a compact, closed system, with visible boundaries and solid standards, provides certain advantages. A person with such attributes has character, is someone to depend on. Such a person remains unshakably true to personal principles and conducts all dealings with absolute integrity. This is the rare person who lives out his or her ideals.

Another possible meaning is crystallization, holding rigidly to the letter of the law, becoming a stickler, crusading for one’s principles. One’s guidelines and commandments take on a life of their own and upholding the standards seems more important than being vital and human. Natural impulses are suppressed in order not to compromise one’s character. Cold, stiff politeness replaces real warmth and friendship.

Indication: The meaning of the card depends on the background of the person who draws it. The card can be an admonishment indicating a need to become more established in one’s character and integrity. Or, it could be a challenge to submit one’s rules and principles to life and the impulses of the heart.

Question: Is your life, your behavior, like a rigid fort? Or does your
life, your behavior need more order, structure, and solidity?

Suggestion: Study the different aspects of power.

Affirmation: I offer my power in the service of love.

Produced: by Eugenio Zorrilla.

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