Maksim Dark – Energize (Original Mix)

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Having become something of a regular on Senso Sounds, the Russian techno pioneer Maksim Dark returns for another outing with his Energize release. As with previous EPs, Dark pulls no punches in delivering hard-as-nails, on-point machine funk for the dance floor. The title track sets out the vibe – a thick, pulsating groove materializes from the get-go, spacy effects float through and sick synth noises punctuate the journey. ‘Oxidant’ keeps up the pressure – a similar pitched down voice provides the counter-point to a bubbling bass led groove – Dark’s skills in creating driving techno with an abundance of space shines through. Final track ‘Silence’ completes a perfect tryptic of tracks – pushing the energy a little higher while maintaining the sonic palette of the release – a strand of science fiction techno that’s both timeless and perfectly contemporary.

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