Matterhorn 4478m Hörnligrat/ solo/ 1 day/ (ENG SUB) 26.08.2019 [1080/60]

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Here’s the video footage of my trip to one of the most beautiful mountain in the world! After climbing Eiger, I have moved to Zermatt to face the main stage of my journey. I spent the first day there as usual – for area recognition and gathering opinion about the route I had chosen. Everything was looking great – the weather, the conditions on the route, my physical condition and my self-confidence (however, I still had a deep respect for this mountain). You can never really forsee everything in the mountains, and I must admit I wouldn’t have succeeded without a little bit of luck. I always consider multiple scenarios when starting the trip, and I always choose the options which allow me to return to the base in one piece. Either reaching the summit or not.

Matterhorn [4min] solo climb (Hörnligrat)

Short capture of my climbing on Matterhorn 26.08.2019 via easy Hörnligrat. Conditions were perfect.

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