Hiking 45 Miles Alone on the Grand Teton Loop

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Spent two days backpacking 45 miles in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The Grand Teton Loop Trail is a 31.6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Moose, Wyoming that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

Video sponsored by Forsake Hiking Shoes –  https://bit.ly/KraigxForsake Gear used in this video:

Hyperlite Southwest 2400 Pack – https://geni.us/dKgrXB Nemo Hornet 1-Person Tent – https://geni.us/F7vu UGQ Quilt- https://geni.us/9LJUXCB Liner – https://geni.us/vXn4C Therm-a-Rest Mat – https://geni.us/c6Hg0l9 Pillow – https://geni.us/vBQkj0 Stuff sack – https://geni.us/0J2vgv Headlamp – https://geni.us/u5GCgT Bear spray – https://geni.us/OHkUY InReach Mini – https://geni.us/wxpWbW2

Water Filter bottle – https://geni.us/d48anu Jetboil – https://geni.us/KIFSWH Spork – https://geni.us/5ya6bz Wipes – https://geni.us/WIosL Mountain House meals – https://geni.us/3Z2dhAB Shirt – https://geni.us/tZF8G Shorts – https://geni.us/UNRcwi Hat – https://geni.us/GkGR5 Shades – https://geni.us/4g71Jc Shell – https://geni.us/xnw5DF Down – https://geni.us/0Nez7 Pants – https://geni.us/dPtb4wk Socks – https://geni.us/AOuPa2O Winter hat – https://geni.us/oTFN

Sweatshirt – https://geni.us/P0mS23 Sony A6600 camera body – https://geni.us/AJyRzS Sony 10-18mm f/4 lens – https://geni.us/O5D0 512GB SD Card – https://geni.us/uDk8Twa Microphone – https://geni.us/mBVyPY Tripod – https://geni.us/99g80BG Joby Head – https://geni.us/M90AB (2) Camera battery – https://geni.us/0vkfOq Camera cuff strap – https://geni.us/gLXQ3 iPhone 11 Pro – https://geni.us/b0Gx AirPods – https://geni.us/A1wYG Custom Alltrails Map – https://geni.us/YOP1xsi

Best car parking lot for views is Jenny Lake Overlook – https://geni.us/c20Q Best spot to legally drone outside of Park – https://geni.us/ePGCZ Car camp in the National Forest for free – https://geni.us/2xLoJF Secret secondary spot to car camp for free – https://geni.us/Bu9I8v Best spot to eat and relax after hiking is Dornan’s – https://geni.us/wBWx Great breakfast, coffee and work space at Picnic – https://geni.us/EjgYypK Music Licensed with Musicbed – http://share.mscbd.fm/kraigadams

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