Page of Wands – Today’s Card-Narcissists fall by their own hand

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In the Rider Waite tarot deck, the Page of Wands depicts a young man wearing a bright tunic and holding a large staff. A desolate landscape stretches behind him, punctuated by three barren sand dunes, yet he does not seem lost or in distress.

The man’s elegant robe is covered in a salamander pattern, representing the transformation from bad to good. His staff indicates that he is a proselytizer, spreading awareness and new ideas wherever he goes.

Page of Wands – Reversed

Bad news, and unstable person: cruel, domineering, broken heart.

In a general context, the Page of Wands reversed represents bad or delayed news and set-backs. This may take the form of letters, phone calls or word of mouth. This Minor Arcana card reversed can indicate that you may be lacking ideas or creativity or feeling uninspired or demotivated. However, it also suggests that you may be procrastinating and putting things off rather than taking action to make things happen. It can indicate a failure to launch a project, restricted thinking or not being able to find something you are passionate about when it appears in your Tarot spread.

It can also represent deep inner child issues coming to the surface.  As a person, the Page of Wands reversed represents a young person, child or person who is young at heart, who may be hasty, gullible or impatient or alternatively, may lack energy, be lazy, lethargic, pessimistic or spoiled.

This person may lack ideas, ambition, goals or plans. They may be a fire sign such as Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. They may be a prone to being a loudmouth or throwing tantrums if they don’t get their way and could be a bit of a problem child or a delinquent. They may lack confidence or be self-conscious, close-minded, predictable, fearful or boring.

Now this card in context

Misinformation is a distraction. It is not said to be believed, but argued. Propagandists expect you to protect them and correct them. That is their risk. Take their word and give them the rope. Narcissists fall by their own hand. (EZM)

Narcissism involves self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, and a lack of empathy.


The Page of Wands as a person is passionate, free-thinking, and willing to take risks. They are thrill-seekers who enjoy trying new things. It is not uncommon to find them traveling to exotic locations, or mingling in various social gatherings.

The desertic landscape is a reminder that potential can be found in the most unlikely places. Indeed, the Page of Wands is the embodiment of youthful energy and positive change.

Page of Wands personalities are young at heart, making them naturally optimistic and cheerful. They quickly forgive other people’s shortcomings, and tend to ignore red flags in dangerous situations.

This positivity can get them into a little bit of trouble now and then, but since their capacity to love is almost endless, these bright personalities have no difficulty straightening themselves out when bad luck strikes.

WR&E; EZorrilla

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