Today’s Card – King of Wands – Be a tourist in your own town.

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King of Wands

King of Wands or Batons is a card used in Latin suited playing cards which include Italian, Spanish and tarot decks. It is part of what tarot card readers call the “Minor Arcana” Tarot cards are used throughout much of Europe to play tarot card games. 

The key meanings of the King of Wands: Authority figure. Financial gain. Honest and trustworthy. Mediation.

Divinatory Meaning: Friendly country man, honest and mindfully conscientious.

An ardent impulsive and influential man, one that possessed authority and strongly marked by the quality of leadership. Somewhat hasty in temper but just, generous and friendly to the querent. Wikipedia

This card in context. Be a tourist in your own town. Take a moment as if you lived in the country and had the day to spend in the city. See things with fresh eyes, question everything, educate and enhance your knowledge to test your assumptions, and make your own decisions. (EZM)

King of Wands as a Person

The King of Wands is very down to earth. He can be a simple man, who does without grand luxuries. He has a high energy level, which plays out through sports and physical fitness.

He has high ethics and morals. A persistent and motivated man, when he wants something he will go after it even to his own detriment.  Think of him as the team cheerleader motivating others through his stamina and energy. Everyone loves him. He is a people person.

The King of Wands is a go-getter. He is active and always doing. He is the ringleader, the one who organizes and manages everyone else. His vivacious energy gets other people motivated.

Focused and driven to succeed and always be his best. He is goal oriented. He is prone to tunnel vision. His quick decision making sometimes gets him in a pickle, but the King of Wands fixes and rides dilemma with ease. Tarot Heaven.

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