Eguana – Destiny, Vol. 2 – 01 Listen To The Universe ✨ Psychill / Psybient

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The second chapter of Destiny is here to show us the new worlds of space chill and soft electronica sounds as wonderful Eguana manipulates. Warm atmospheres, tickling sounds, gentle beats deliver the right fuel for this continues long trip until its final destination.

Anasa is the mainfloor project of Side Liner & Zero Cult.Anasa return with another deep breath of fresh air. This tightly produced EP takes us further down the rabbit-hole with Anasa’s fine brand of psy-progressive. Fat basslines are sprinkled with delightful, crisp sounds and melodies, giving these productions a sunny mainfloor vibe. The perfect ingredients for spicing up those end of season sets with new progressive energy.

Cover by Eguana
Mastering by Eguana

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