This isn’t someone else’s errand; this is your battle, your mission, your life.

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1. Image

This Knight is a person who discovers the limit of reason randomly (Crowley), who represents the dynamics, creativity, and objectivity of Air elements when entering space. With a sword in this hand and a dagger in the other hand, he moves through paradise with the speed of the wild wind, the movement speed is too fast, making him one with the spirit of the storm and represents “the spreading fire of mind” (Crowley). It corresponds to the perception of the universe that all things are interconnected, and in that universe, all tangible things that existed in one blink and then quickly disappeared.

The spirit of the Air represents matter, through which images are formed and at the same time, represents the vision to realize the reflected image of the truth hidden behind a tangible entity. Instead of discovering that the truth is hidden behind reflection (every reflected image hides a part of the perception it reflects), the Knight of the Air often desires to understand the truth through intellectual means, and the control of emotions are reflected images of instinct through a sense of consciousness.

We see this contradiction illustrated by the wing on his helmet (the symbol of noble thought), it is the object that carries the hero and his horse (animalistic energy) through the “ocean of consecration”. Three swallows are symbols for the capacity of the mind to rising up in space (perception); but because they just fly over the water (emotions), they are a sign that natural instincts are things that determine the direction.

Knight of Swords

“Strategy,” your path to success. A professional soldier: charming, skillful, swift, and tuned. Tact, diplomacy, and surgical precision a must. Revenge is tempting, but a clean heart ensures a promising lead. Required from you: awareness, action, promptness, and bravery. Acknowledge the past, degress the pain, and go forward serendipitously. This isn’t someone else’s errand; this is your battle, your mission, your life. (EZM)

Serendipity is an unplanned, fortunate discovery. A positive outlook and a capacity of awe. Serendipity is a common occurrence throughout the history of product invention and scientific discovery.

To be in awe (of someone or something) To have an overwhelming amount of respect or admiration for someone or something, sometimes to the point of feeling nervous or fearful around them or it.

2. Myth

This card represents the ability to levitate, reaching the top of the high mountain and the most distinctive way of intellectual awareness and living in seclusion in that elevated world. His contradiction lies in the denial of emotion. So, the Knight of the Mind can be both clever and fake at the same time. In myth, he is portrayed on many aspects of Hermes/Mercury: like Loge (Loki), the Teutonic God of lies and protector for thieves, Edda writes about this as follows: ” As the first father of a two-faced person, he knows everything in every situation. He often causes serious wrongs for Aesirs and then, frees him with wise advice”. He is also a traitor like Hermes (Mercury), who leads the soul and the person who transmits the message of God, who often appears in paintings of alchemy as tears from heaven, or the rain/ grace/ fire of the Holy Spirit.

II. Interpretation of the Knight of Swords Thoth Tarot

This card can represent people, in any field of life, but it can also be an experience in the field that corresponds in question.

1. Human

We encounter the Fire aspect of the Air in this card as a blend of reasonably-minded people who are more capable than anyone (philosopher, mathematician, author) and often have an unpredictable change of mind, their sharp mind realizes that there is no truth but only the ingenuity that bends the truth sometimes wins the game of words until there is only a remnant piece of the original awareness (journalist, lawyer, orator, critic, and diplomat). In this sense, he relates to the mythical character, Odysseus, who is willing to break every principle when necessary to achieve his goal.

2. Overview of the Knight of Swords Thoth Tarot

Odysseus is a symbol of intellectual power, acumen, and intelligence, representing the ability to create, clarity, versatility, utterly contradictory ways, cunning, slyness, and sarcasm. When this card appears, it is the time for us to use and develop this contradictory ability of mental strength. It helps us understand, understand, and achieve insight. However, if these powers are used improperly, it will lead to emotional coldness, heartlessness, apathy, and all the bad consequences of rational abuse.

3. Awareness

In ancient times, Hermes/Mercury was not only portrayed as the God of thieves, merchants but also a mediator between Gods and humans. His ability is a quick thought, the perception of the rope that correlates with the speed of light. He is comfortable with contradictions as he predicts, in every case, each reality is only the result of the concepts of human intellect. No one knows better than him that contradictions only appear in our minds in which he is the one who builds the steps leading to wisdom, helping us find the formula hidden behind everything. During this period, we develop great analytical abilities, which help us learn to understand the problem, understand ourselves and understand our surroundings better.

4. Career

Occupationally, this card represents intellectual acumen, intelligence, social ability, and entrepreneurship. It shows that we solve the tasks that set out with skill, flexibility, and cleverness. In dealing with colleagues, superiors, business partners, and customers, this is reflected in eloquence, intelligence, and graceful wit. However, it can be a warning about exaggeration, heartless wisdom, insidiousness, and unethical wisdom.

5. Sentiment

In a personal relationship, we have a need to find an interesting partner that must be attracted to us in terms of appearance rather than about the soul. At the same time, we feel especially comfortable around Raggiana bird-of-paradise, are people with strong personalities – like this bird – who will feel wasted and eventually die in captivity. The stage of life represented by this card will tend to become full of excitement. Deep feelings, dedication, and harmony of souls will have to step back, probably because of the deep fear of each of us about falling in love and losing ourselves. Here, we find ourselves dependent or falling into a mess that cannot be solved. The clarity in perception now benefits, even if it is painful. But in the case of our feeling becoming the goal of scrutiny, sophistication will take the place of warm sincerity.

WE&P by EZorrlla.



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