Disappointment – “No,” can be a point of departure—a new beginning.

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I. Analyze and describe 5 of Cups Thoth Tarot

Five of Cups

It’s your purpose, and you define it. Fear disappointment? Did you miscalculate? Don’t run away. The experience reveals you are vulnerable. Redefine success with now new data. Disappointments are more about ourselves than others. These setbacks, like mistakes, are guidelines to keep your expectations realistic and defined. They are sensitive waypoints to guide you along the way. Sometimes success is failing; it depends on the mission. “No,” can be a point of departure—a new beginning. Perceive what you feel, believe what you know, and plot a fresh course. Forge forward, and don’t turn your back on your ambitions. This moment is only one of many on the path at your feet. Lift your gaze. Your guide is the horizon. (EZM)

On the card, the stream of water is dry, the sea is exhausted and the crystal cups are empty. We see ourselves in despair, the picture reflects feelings of disappointment and loneliness filled with gloom. The Scorpion, related to this card, evokes “the worst aspect, the rotting ability of Water” (Crowley) and thus, the alchemist of the dynamic transformation, at an unspecified time, is once again developed (lotus roots curl into butterfly wings, the symbol for transforming into a more advanced form). However, the card first marks the beginning of the decline. 5 cups form an inverted pentagon, symbolizing the victory of matter versus spirit.

II. Interpretation of 5 of Cups Thoth Tarot

1. Energy

The connection with the archetypal feminine is lost, and the previous female reproductive capacity has become dry. The dry stream shows the cruelty of the inner emotional world, depleted water indicates a decline.

2. Inner

This card can be interpreted as an exercise of unconscious negative wishes. No matter how frightening destruction is, it is never meaningless because it always responds to the consistency of the process, which will ultimately lead to the construction of more solid structures. However, it also makes us understand that where our emotional nature is most disturbed is where we can replace it with the reasonably controlled mind; the stream of life dried up after that and the splendor of the past was now dried up and turned into dust.

3. Career

This card represents frustration and suffering before a failed project. It may be that we do not pass the exam, the application is rejected, or the business negotiation that we put our faith in has failed. In this relationship, we may be very tired to consider whether our goals and action processes are in harmony with the basic principles, whether they are inadequate, or they may be vague and questionable.

4. Sentiment

This card represents frustration, sorrow, and despair; the old wound opened again, the old pain that we thought had passed long ago woke up. Streams dried up and emotions were smashed. However, in the unconscious still sprouting new hope because, in the dried lotus root, there is a butterfly, the symbol of transformation and renewal, forming.

III. Similar correlations of 5 of Cups Thoth Tarot

  • Astrology – Mars in the Scorpion.
  • Tree of life – Geburah (fluctuates) through water: rotting is fermenting.
  • I Ching – 12th hexagram (Pỉ) – “Stagnant”.
  • Similar objects – Pluto kidnapped Persephone and Demeter, causing the earth dreary.
  • Image – Desert island.
  • Keywords – Suffering, despair, depression.

IV. 5 of Cups Thoth Tarot symbolism

Green cup = water has evaporated, we have not received any interest from the investment we have made.

Reversed Pentagram = spirit is burdened by material (the world) = things in our mundane emotional life are overwhelming us at the present time.

Dry lotus/Arid background = we feel emotionally empty, nothing grows in us, and we feel stuck, unable to express ourselves and what we feel.

The Five of Cups

None of us feel too good when the 5 of Cups, Lord of Disappointment, turns up in our readings. It almost always means that somebody somewhere is going to cause us to feel let down or sad about something. And often when that happens we can end up giving ourselves a hard time, and hurting ourselves unnecessarily.

But there’s one important thing to consider when we get disappointed – we feel that way because an expectation we had is not fulfilled, whether by ourselves or by somebody else. So if you get this card coming up often, it’s worth taking a good look at your expectations. Are they unrealistic? Are they geared to the abilities and characteristics of the person you hold them of? Or do you expect too much – this is an attitude we tend to apply most viciously to ourselves. Are you expecting more than you have a right to? Are you expecting things that the person in question -yourself or somebody else – is simply not able to provide? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then if you change your expectation, you’ll stop being disappointed.

When this card comes up, it warns us that either we have failed to resolved an old difficulty, or that – realistic or not – our expectations are about to be disappointed. Often this will happen in an emotional situation (because this is a Cup card) but can happen elsewhere in our lives too, because disappointment itself is an emotion and therefore belongs to Cups. Aside from locating where the problem lies, there’s rarely much that can be done except preparing ourselves to accept the inevitable consequence of being alive – into each life a little rain must fall etc.etc.

One thing that is always worth bearing in mind with a card like this is that the feelings which arise when it occurs often scare us into failing to take another risk, failing to make another effort, hiding away where we can’t be disappointed again. But then if we give in to those sort of feelings we’re expecting to be disappointed again, aren’t we? So maybe we need to think about the 9 Wands when we see the 5 of Cups, reminding ourselves of that inner reserve of strength and capability we can all release inside us!

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