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The therapeutic milieu should be an environment where people are safe from both physical and emotional danger. Ideally, this environment should be homelike, providing as much privacy as is possible based on resources and the client’s individual needs.

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Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy which emphasizes personal responsibility, and focuses upon the individual’s experience in the present moment, the therapist–client relationship, the environmental …Wikipedia

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Gestalt therapy, a humanistic method of psychotherapy that takes a holistic approach to human experience by stressing individual responsibility and awareness of present psychological and physical needs.

Frederick (“Fritz”) S. Perls, a German-born psychiatrist, founded Gestalt therapy in the 1940s with his wife, Laura. Perls was trained in traditional psychoanalysis, but his dissatisfaction with certain Freudian theories and methods led him to develop his own system of psychotherapy. He was influenced by the psychoanalysts Karen Horney and Wilhelm Reich.

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Also influential were ideas expressed in existentialism and phenomenology, such as freedom and responsibility, the immediacy of experience, and an individual’s role in creating meaning in life. Gestalt psychology provided a framework for Perls’s system. According to this psychology of perception, when organisms are confronted with a set of elements, they perceive a whole pattern or configuration, rather than bits and pieces, against a background.

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Perls applied this concept to human experience, postulating that healthy persons organize their field of experience into well-defined needs to which they respond appropriately. For example, when various perceptions lead healthy persons to experience the Gestalt of hunger, they eat. On the other hand, a neurotic interferes with the formation of the appropriate Gestalt and does not adequately deal with the need. In another example of an unhealthy response, a person who has just received an insult may be angry but may partially or completely repress awareness of this anger.

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Perls developed most of the techniques of Gestalt therapy in the United States, and he helped establish Gestalt institutes in various parts of the country during the 1960s. Many of his techniques have been incorporated into eclectic approaches to psychotherapy.

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Psychotherapeutic approaches

The many forms of psychotherapy may be conveniently grouped into a few theoretical “families.” These include dynamic, humanistic and existential, behavioral, cognitive, and interpersonal psychotherapies. Dynamic therapy, based on psychoanalysis, concentrates on understanding the meaning of symptoms and understanding the emotional conflicts within the patient that may be causing them. Humanistic and existential therapies use as their primary tool the current relationship between therapist and patient to explore emotional issues in an atmosphere of empathy and support. Behaviour therapy uses a variety of interventions based on learning theory to alter the overt symptoms (e.g., undesirable behaviour) of the patient. Cognitive therapy uses logical analysis to identify and alter the maladaptive thinking underlying the symptoms. Interpersonal therapy focuses on problems that occur in one’s interaction with others, and it often studies symptoms in a specific social context, such as the couple or the family.

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Family therapists view the family as the “patient” or “client” and as more than the sum of its members. The family as a focus for treatment usually comprises the members who live under the same roof, sometimes supplemented by relatives who live elsewhere or by nonrelatives who share the family home. Therapy with couples may be considered as a special type of family therapy. Family therapy may be appropriate when the person referred for treatment has symptoms clearly related to such disturbances in family function as marital discord, distorted family roles, and parent-child conflict or when the family as a unit asks for help. It is not appropriate when a single individual has a severe disorder needing specific treatment in its own right.

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Cyclothymia, a milder form of bipolar disorder, is a chronic mood disturbance. For this diagnosis to be made, the patient will have exhibited at least two years of hypomania (moderate mania) and numerous periods of depressed mood that do not meet the criteria for major depression.

How do you succeed in therapy?

Therapists Spill: 10 Tips for Making the Most of Therapy

  1. Choose carefully. …
  2. View therapy as a collaboration. …
  3. Schedule sessions at a good time. …
  4. Say anything in therapy. …
  5. Talk about therapy in therapy. …
  6. Set markers for change. …
  7. Have an order of operations. …
  8. Do the work outside your sessions.

What is the best predictor of therapeutic success? Interestingly enough, patients and therapists often (but not always) agree on the quality of their relationship. However, it is the patient’s perception of the quality of the relationship that is the strongest predictor of treatment success.

Milieu therapy is a therapeutic method in which a safe, structured group setting is used to help people learn healthier ways of thinking, interacting, and behaving in a larger society. Sometimes, MT takes place in an in-patient setting, but it can also be effective in informal outpatient settings like support groups.

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