Decisions take a second. It’s before and after that’s a challenge.

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For Valentine’s day, I got a new set of cards. Here is the first card of the day.

Quiet learning and meditation.

The Sphere of Gestation

She walks carelessly, lost in her thoughts among the gambling tables. With the same carelessness she strolls though brothels, and streets of ill repute; Young and pure, her eyes veiled by a celestial dimension. She walks like a star in the night sky.

When the writer Victor Hugo realized that his social life was taking time away from the completion of his novel “Notre Dame de Paris,” he ordered his butler to hide all of his clothes to prevent him from going out until he had finished his work.

People who like this card don’t fear becoming estranged from the world in order to build something. (Pg.56)

Good morning, my dear. How are you?

I was wondering where you went. Yesterday while the others talked, you appeared to drift off, looking up, roaming the space above.

“Where are you, my dear? Are you thinking of spring?”

I puzzled over how many pro and con lists you must have made to make your decision. If I had trouble with it, you must have too.

The schedule switch will do me a lot of good. I haven’t been eating well, and now with the noon timetable, I will learn to cook delicious food—nutrition for the heart and soul.

Decisions take a second. It’s before and after that’s a challenge; getting there and doing it.

WE&P by: EZorrilla.

“The Complete Guide to intuiti CREATIVE CARDS” by Matteo Di Pascale and Alesandra Mazzucchelli.

ISBN 979-12-80241-04-7

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