How to Make Italian Subs!! Homemade Deli-Style Hoagie/Grinder/Hero Sandwiches

Learn how to make classic deli-style Italian subs! These sandwiches are stacked with Italian cold cuts, provolone cheese, veggies, oregano and oil and vinegar. Perfect for summer!

What you’ll need:
1 French or Italian baguette
thin sliced ham (black forest, honey or smoked lunch meat)
hard salami (or Genoa salami)
capicola (capocollo)
provolone cheese
iceberg lettuce
red ripe tomatoes
yellow onions
dried oregano
salt and pepper
extra virgin olive oil
red wine vinegar

How to Hold a Knife – Properly Using a Chef’s Knife

Do you correctly know how to hold a knife? Learn 4 effective gripping methods, the cutting motion technique, and guide hand positioning. Chef Jon-Paul Hutchins, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, will teach you the basics of properly using a chef’s knife.

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