Jacqueline Bisset & Candice Bergen – Rich and Famous

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Liz and Merry Noel become friends as college roommates and their friendship endures over the years. Liz becomes a respected “serious” novelist. Merry Noel marries, has a daughter and writes, too: “trash” fiction which becomes enormously successful. Their story begins in college and jumps ahead some years at a time to show their relationship with each other and those in their orbits as they grow and mature.

Jacqueline Bisset & Candice Bergen – Rich and Famous – Car Scene

Jacqueline Bisset (Liz Hamilton) and Candice Bergen (Merry Noel Blake) in the last scene of Rich and Famous (1981).

  • Merry, do me a favour.
  • What?
  • Kiss me.
  • After all these years are you going to tell me that there’s something strange about you?
  • It’s New Year’s Eve. I want the press of human flesh, and you’re the only flesh around. Kiss me.

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