How to gain resolve – Enchanted 3 Card Spread

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There is a violent storm. Lightning strikes sword-like at a gray, hooded figure with arms raised in defiance. Falling away on either side are protective shields that have been wrenched out of the figure’s hands. The full moon casts a baleful light riding in the cloud-streaked sky, bringing a sense of foreboding. Defeat and even treachery create anger but do not necessarily rouse physical response; they can embitter the mind like a curse.

A sense of weakness pervades this figure that has no armor. Blood edges the swords symbolizing that the figure must accept fate or be destroyed by forces much more powerful than can be imagined. Trying to cheat fate may gain a moment or two of time but it is an empty victory. The disaster must be accepted and understood as one turn of events in the great scheme of life before it can be used, as all experience must be used, to enable growth in the wisdom that is born of experience.

If a problem presents itself in such a way that victory cannot be won or that the cost is too high, the fight must be surrendered. Accept this. Look to the future and remember that this storm will pass. Revenge or blame need not be meted out as this will just waste what precious resources you still have remaining. Where no victory is possible, it is best to walk away – if you are lucky enough to be able to do so.

Take in a long, deep breath. Consciously exhale, thinking: “The wheel of life turns and turns. In this time of defeat I release my attachment to victory and plant the seeds of my future success.” Repeat this five times for five swords. As your body releases tension and resistance, realize that you are making room in your life for new experiences and victories.


A sky, rose-tinted by the setting sun, is a happy harbinger for two women who have been working out-of-doors all day. Such a sky will certainly bring a fair tomorrow. The two women have been laboring together in a communal garden and their baskets are filled with fruit and vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness, and a few flowers for pure enjoyment. The satisfactory harvest has been preceded by shared effort and step-by-step perseverance.

Black and white brambles and spiked thorns also share the background, and removing these obstacles to growth may have required much labor and effort. Obviously, with their relaxed stance and warm glances, these two workers are old friends and have developed the ability to persevere together. With fellowship they have worked hard to achieve the glad fulfillment that comes with the knowledge of a job well done. They have not wasted any time on the petty gossiping and jealousies that can spoil the productivity of the most dedicated workers.

Though obstacles may stand in the way, look forward to achieving a distant goal. Work shared is work halved. Shared burdens are lighter; a friend or a fellow worker will be helpful. Satisfaction will be the reward of consistent effort with a partner. Do not try to do the job yourself. Choose only a partner who is willing to work as conscientiously as you. This is a time to roll up your sleeves and realize the rewards of tasks thoroughly and well executed for their own sakes.

Empower yourself with this affirmation before commencing a task: “My work fully supports me. I choose partners who are successful, loving, responsible, and who get the job done. I am committed to my vision.” At work, toast each other to a job well done. Share a cake. Try to forgive any of your co-workers who do not have the ability to rise above their own prejudices.



Under a waning moon, in a dark and eerie landscape, a lost child stands with her faithful dog. She gazes up fearfully at the moon, remembering terrifying stories of a Moon Witch who plays cruel tricks on those lost in the night. She raises her hands, as if in prayer, and hopes that she will be saved and guided through this nightmare. Across a moat of turgid water, inhabited perhaps by fearsome things, she suddenly sees the turrets of her castle home. But the drawbridge is up, the gates are locked and no one seems to hear her cries. Has the Moon Witch’s magic barred her way home? Just as the child is about to succumb to overwhelming feelings of despair, danger and the sadness born of longing for home and family, The Moon beams out more strongly from behind the clouds and suddenly appears warm yet pensive. The Moon is crying because she has so wrongly been thought to be a malicious Moon Witch. Tears from this pale-faced goddess fall into the water and suddenly the land swells up higher than the moat and the gate surrounding the castle. The child clearly sees the way home as she gives thanks to The Moon.

This is the darkness before the dawn. You must separate illusion from reality. Even though the path may seem frightening and treacherous, you need not fear the mysterious unknown. Your intuition can guide you to hidden opportunities. Remember to save your energies for the challenges ahead and not squander them with anxious worrying.

Outside, under a waning moon, visualize a circle of protective light around yourself as you stand by a body of water. Hold a black stone in your hands. Concentrate and project a specific, personal fear into the stone. Then strongly hurl it out of your circle of light into the pond, lake, stream or ocean as you chant: “With this stone, fear be banished, into water it has vanished.”

I gave away a story I didn’t know how to let go. I wrote it down and gave it away. It’s not my story anymore. I gave it to my friend.

I held a grudge for a long time. I was afraid to move on. I didn’t know what to do. One day I wrote it down to share with a friend. We traded stories. It had a healing effect. I didn’t get the cause of his sadness or my friend, the reason for my resentment, but it felt good both ways to give and receive. To hear and feel heard. (EZM)

WE&P by: EZorrilla.

“The Enchanted Tarot” by Amy Zerner & Monte Faber.

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