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— de Federico García Lorca —

Tú querías que yo te dijera
el secreto de la primavera.

Y yo soy para el secreto
lo mismo que es el abeto.

Árbol cuyos mil deditos
señalan mil caminitos.

Nunca te diré, amor mío,
por qué corre lento el río.

Pero pondré en mi voz estancada
el cielo ceniza de tu mirada.

¡Dame vueltas, morenita!
Ten cuidado con mis hojitas.

Dame más vueltas alrededor,
jugando a la noria del amor.

¡Ay! No puedo decirte, aunque quisiera,
el secreto de la primavera.


Wolfgang Haffner

Germany has created many famous drummers in the field of heavy metal but jazz drummers are a rare breed. Wolfgang Haffner is the exception and his talents have led to him being in demand not only by artists from other countries but also by artists from other genres. As well as being a fine jazz drummer Haffner has an explosive, powerful presence on the drums which has led to artists such as Chaka Khan and the German hip-hop band Die Fantastischen Vier availing themselves of his considerable talents. Within the world of German jazz Haffner is a towering presence and has played with most of the major German jazz musicians and also with many international artists such as Pat Metheny, Chuck Loeb and John Abercrombie. As well as appearing as a sideman and session player on numerous albums Haffner has also pursued a solo career, encouraged by his record label ACT with whom he has released four solo albums. His second solo release was ‘Round Silence’ which received widespread critical acclaim and a 2010 Echo Jazz Award for Best German Drummer.

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