The Midnight – ‘Remixed 02’ [Full Album Mix]

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“The Midnight Remixed 02” features brand new remixes of more favorites by The Midnight, from “The Years” (off their debut EP, “Days Of Thunder”) to “Lost Boy” (the first single from their most recent LP, “Kids”). This time around, we have recruited a cast of (almost) entirely fresh faces on remix detail, including legendary synthwave artist Timecop1983, indie-electronic phenom Uppermost, acclaimed retro-tinged act ERKKA, and deep-and-dark-progressive maestro Nox Vahn. Russian sensation PROFF, the only artist to appear on both ‘Remixed’ editions, offers a visionary take on “Kids” that brims with creativity, power, and musicality alike. Rounding out the extraordinary roster of remix artists, Silk Music veterans Claes Rosen, Dan Sieg, Kobana, Blood Groove & Kikis, Jayeson Andel, and A.M.R all deliver emotive and inspired renderings, ranging in style from introspective deep house cuts to cinematic-electronic power ballads.

Tracklist: [00:00​] 01 The Midnight – Crystalline (Dan Sieg Remix) [06:13​] 02 The Midnight – Lost Boy (A.M.R Remix) [11:00​] 03 The Midnight – Daytona (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) [17:19​] 04 The Midnight – Kids (PROFF Remix) [22:18​] 05 The Midnight – Collateral (Kobana Remix) [26:30​] 06 The Midnight – Lonely City (ERKKA Remix) [30:34​] 07 The Midnight – Nocturnal (Nox Vahn Remix) [38:10​] 08 The Midnight – Tokyo Night Train (Claes Rosen Remix) [43:14​] 09 The Midnight – Arcade Dreams (Timecop1983 Remix) [48:37​] 10 The Midnight – Shadows (Uppermost Remix)

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