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Steyoyoke does it once more, this time presenting a new collaboration between Nick Devon & Grammik, with their striking new single “Wanderlust”.

Feel the energy and the driving beats throughout this track, chock full of mind-blowing soundscapes and dark disco elements. Imagine every possible way to wander and be lost in the dancefloor universe. This track is the musical translation of the word “Wanderlust”. Exciting and heart-stirring, an adrenaline journey not to be missed.

Artist: Nick Devon & Grammik
Title: Wanderlust
Label: Steyoyoke
Format: Digital
Digital Release Date: April 16th, 2021
Cat No: SYYK13

Nick Devon

Nick Devon is an Athens based DJ/producer whose involvement with electronic music has spanned more than two decades. His musical journey commenced at 16, when he started experimenting with toy pianos and pretty much anything that could produce notes. Before long he was playing his father’s vinyls and from here, quickly advanced to DJing and producing.

Initially producing drum & bass as well as trance, he later transitioned his sound, gravitating more towards electronica and techno. Hence his ability to unite a plethora of elements and genres throughout his current productions. His dark trippy melodic sounds are distinctive, forged through a combination of digital, analogue and physical instruments sourced within in his own studio. This admirable skill has earned him much respect from numerous high profile artists worldwide. As a former vinyl DJ, Nick is also an avid record collector and to this day, spins plenty of old and new records. He enjoys embellishing his vinyl love by including them in his gigs and sets where ever possible.

It was 2010 when he officially launched his solo project and from this point forward, Nick started producing sounds and music that shook the dance floor, yet bestowed captivating melodies and emotional soundscapes, allowing people to create their own story within his productions. Ever since then, Nick’s career swiftly evolved and 2015 was his most successful year to date with two huge EP’s titled “The Poem” and “Cosmos”. His remix on Innellea – Colante quickly followed in 2016 and with all three EP’s released on Steyoyoke Recordings, it clearly affirmed just why he is considered a core member of this Berlin based collective. His tracks have been remixed by the likes of Kellerkind, Rolland Appel and Cid Inc and with an ever growing fan base, his music is regularly played and supported by some of the biggest DJs around the globe. Throughout his career, Nick has released originals and produced remixes on a number of labels such as, iRecords, Union Jack, 3AM, Blindfold Recordings, Us & Them, Steyoyoke and Inside Out Records. It’s only the start of 2016 and with a string of upcoming releases to look forward to, Nick Devon certainly has some exciting things on the horizon.


Human, dreamer and melody lover
Aris involvement with electronic music started almost two decades ago. At the age of 15 bought his first vinyls and instantly the question “How is this music made?” made him buy his first computer and start experimenting with sounds in the late 90’s. Born, raised and still based in Athens (Greece) at the age of 18 started spinning vinyls on local bars and small clubs around Athens.

His first release came out under his real name (Aris Grammenos) on No Border Recs at 2008 and after that a numerous tracks and remixes followed up on labels such as No Border Recs, Sound Of Everything, Proton Limited to name a few.

The year is 2012 and Aris felt the need to re-create his sound and after 4 years of silence on 2016 his first EP was released, under his current artist name “Grammik”, on Eyes Of The Owl Recs with the title “New Tomorrow” , followed up by a remix on the same label.

Grammik’s breakthrough comes on the year 2020 by joining the family of the respected Steyoyoke records by releasing to original tracks
“White Heart” and “Kalopsia” on “Quadrivium” vol. 6.

Grammik’s sound keeps the basic dreamy pads and mind-bending arps and melodies but in a more techno oriented sound. Inspired by “everything that can make my mind dream and my heart sing” as he says keeps producing deep and melodic techno tracks.

He is well known for his built up dj sets that can begin from electronica and finish up to techno.

Music knows no boundaries and at the end as he always mentions:
“Music is what are feelings would say if they had a voice, so it’s better if they have to say a beautiful story”.

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