Tron Suite – Wendy Carlos & The Moog Synthesizer

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Wendy Carlos is one of the most important composers living today. While primarily connected to the fields of electronic music, sound design, and alternate tunings, her compositions transcend these genres. It is certain that her music will be included among the major milestones of 20th century music.

Wendy Carlos demonstrates her Moog Synthesizer in 1970

From the BBC archives. The music towards the end of the video is the 2nd movement of the 4th Brandenburg Concerto from her Well-Tempered Synthesizer album. You can visit her webpage at:

Tron Suite – Wendy Carlos

Probably one of the most underrated score from the 80’s. Wendy Carlos composed an effective score for large orchestra, chorus and moogs (the same she used for Shining) The result is, nowadays, a little dated but in 1982, it was something very big but unfortunatly misunderstood. People said the synths were too obvious. Today, Wendy Carlos’ Tron is cult, like the movie and it’s well deserved !

Wendy Carlos | Women in Electronic Music

The Moog synthesizer is a modular synthesizer developed by the American engineer Robert Moog. Moog debuted it in 1964, and Moog’s company R. A. Moog Co. produced numerous models from 1965 to 1980. It was the first commercial synthesizer, and is credited with creating the analog synthesizer as it is known today. Wikipedia

The Mog

The Minimoog was the first synthesizer sold in music stores, and was more practical for live performance; it standardized the concept of synthesizers as self-contained instruments with built-in keyboards.

Wendy Carlos – Switched-On Bach – Switched-On Boxed Set CD 1/4

Who was the first band to use the Moog synthesizer? The band Monkees was among the first groups to use the synthesizer in pop music, and featured the instrument throughout their 1967 album Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. Watch the Monkees (and note the Moog, played by drummer and vocalist Mickey Dolenz) in this vintage clip.

01-Title Music from A Clockwork Orange

How much does a Moog cost? New Moog One polysynth costs US$5999-7999, available now. It’s called the Moog One but think 8- or 16-voice synth. And this is the “dream” analog synth in that it’s a luxury instrument, running up to US$7999 for the 16-voice model.

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