Café del Mar Chillout Mix 18 (2017)

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The Café del Mar was founded on 20 June 1980. The look of the Café del Mar was designed by architect Lluis Güell. He was in charge of the design, decoration and architecture.[citation needed]

DJ José Padilla who became famous for his sunset sets that began in 1991 at Cafe del Mar died October 22, 2020, of colonic cancer.[3] He created the first six volumes of Cafe del Mar compilation albums between 1994 and 1999.[4]

Café del Mar Music releases balearicambienteasy listening music. The collections of the music played at the café were first sold on cassette at the end of the 1980s.[citation needed] Starting circa 1994, Café del Mar compilation CDs have been released by various labels. In 1999, the owner of the cafe founded the Café del Mar Music label.[5] As of April 2017 a total of twenty-two volumes of the main compilation series have been published.[6]

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