Guy Mantzur – My Wild Flower

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Guy Mantzur – My Wild Flower released on 2021-04-30 by Lost & Found – LF077D
The award-winning producer, DJ, and international trend-setter Guy Mantzur returns with an exclusive release on Malta-based label Lost & Found. The eight and a half minutes of this single track material make more difference than most artists make in a lifetime. The music is funky, deep, intelligent, psychedelic, and it can work as background music for a detective TV series, but more importantly, it makes magic on the dancefloor possible. Mantzur is famous for his rich musical background as a multi-instrumentalist and even a vocalist. He’s unafraid to use all of his skills to create a revolutionary piece of work. My Wild Flower crosses genres, explores the latest studio techniques, and delivers a high dose of thrilling sensuality. It’s music for a wide range of audiences across the continents! Simply wonderful!

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