He tried to shoot. “Dam,” he said, looking at his revolver, “the safety is on.”

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Good day, Mark. Let’s go back to that night outside the Disco club. Was that guy with the gun in a foul mood, or was he mean thought and thought? He could have killed us. That’s what I am saying. I want to believe he was a good man, but he could have killed you, killed me, at a minimum, a mean person. It wasn’t a mistake that he was there.


It is interesting how it is easier to label someone as a drug addict or a troubled mind, but call them mean? We don’t want to, but that is all I know about the person. He intended to rob me and tried to kill me. That is a mean person. I heard him say, “dam the safety is on,” and then he ran.

A mean person is someone who is unkind or cruel with the intention to put others down and make them fail.

WE&P by: EZorrilla.

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