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Luka Sambe – The Fundamental Transience of Everything released on 2021-01-18 by Armadillo Records – AR018
While an ideal is static in reality, every step before and after is necessary and part of each perfect unique moment. With this album, we celebrate becoming and the wisdom that lies in the fundamental transience of everything.

After reading the introduction, it is easy to understand the pride Armadillo Records takes in its 18th edition. In religion and literature, the Hebrew word for life (chai) has the value of 18. Conceptual and intelligent, Luka Sambe delivers the musical idea related to every living thing. The Fundamental Transience of Everything is a material that sounds like a soundtrack for a motion picture. It is a maze of background harmonies, relatable to everyone
with spiritual awareness.

The album takes its listeners on to journey through 12 chapters of epic proportions, where the 84 minutes of its length disappear in a single breath. Luka forms a universal soundscape built on the trance-inducing atmosphere
where synthesizers are a tool for the ancient ritual that’s taking place in an era of a utopian future.

The album is a timeless piece of magic. It is what the world of art appreciators has been anticipating for a long time. Treat this gem with respect!

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