Group theory, abstraction, and the 196,883-dimensional monster

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An introduction to group theory (Minor error corrections below)
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0:00 – The size of the monster
0:50 – What is a group?
7:06 – What is an abstract group?
13:27 – Classifying groups
18:31 – About the monster

*Typo on the “hard problem” at 14:11, it should be a/(b+c) + b/(a+c) + c/(a+b) = 4
*Typo-turned-speako: The classification of quasithin groups is 1221 pages long, not 12,000. The full collection of papers proving the CFSG theorem do comprise tens of thousands of pages, but no one paper was quite that crazy.

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The symmetry ambigram was designed by Punya Mishra:…

The Monster image comes from the Noun Project, via Nicky Knicky

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