Take your time to think it through. It’s an intellectual struggle; the solution and victory are within you.

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The meaning of wands is spring, fire, and energy.
Sometimes called Rods, Staves, or Staffs, the Wands are most closely associated with spring, fire, and energy. Wands represent growth and inspiration, ambition, competition, and the desire for power; they often relate to business endeavors.

The sword symbolizes power, protection, authority, strength, and courage; metaphysically, it represents discrimination and the penetrating power of the intellect. In divination, we associate the suit of Swords with masculinity, intelligence, sorrow, and misfortune.

The Seven of Swords, when upright, means to use your wits for diplomacy and not to use aggression. Therefore, occasionally viewed as secret planning or hidden dishonor. Your acts may be legitimate. However, you prefer to use your mind and intellect rather than force or via apparent means.

The fundamental meanings of the Four of Wands: Celebrations and happiness. Completion. Harmony. New beginnings. In a general context, the Four of Wands represents happy families, celebrations, surprises, parties, weddings, and events. It signifies coming home and reunions, feeling like you fit in, and being made to feel welcome and supported. This Minor Arcana card indicates success, prosperity, stability, security, and laying down roots. It tells you that you will be proud of your achievements and that your self-esteem will be high when it appears. It also represents teamwork, community spirit, and communities or families coming together.

What is the meaning of the Nine of Wands?
This card depicts a figure, weary from battle yet prepared to fight on. When flipped upside down, the nine of wands suggest you are the creator of your own turmoil and that compromise is necessary.

The Nine of Wands reversed suggests that you are struggling to keep working towards your goal. The challenges on your path are relentless, pummelling you with setback after setback. You don’t know if you can cope with it anymore and may be ready to give up. Just know that you are oh-so-close to completing this challenge. Draw upon your internal resources – your resilience, inner courage, positive self-talk, and mindset – to keep you going. You have it in you to turn this challenging situation into a fantastic success (and help others face similar hurdles). Keep fighting – you’ve got this!

The Nine of Wands reversed can also appear when you feel overcome by your responsibilities or lack the support of those around you. It seems as if life is all work and no play. If you know this is a temporary setback, you may just need to push through it for now so you can get to the finish line. Also, make sure you do not take on any other commitments at this stage until you have more control over your circumstances. If you cannot see any end in sight, then get help – hire a personal assistant or a housecleaner, enlist the support of your loved ones, or work with a coach or therapist to help you manage.

Sometimes, the reversed Nine of Wands can indicate paranoia, defensiveness, and concern that everyone is out to get you. You may think you are constantly under attack by the same group of people, or you are unfairly targeted. Often, this is a sign of fear from within you rather than an actual external threat. Focus on your own game, and don’t worry about what other people think or say about you.

Deceived by power and avarice. It is time to be strategic. Talk to your team. You have a fight ahead, and it’s not physical but mental. It’s a test of wills and positioning. Take a day to think it through. The plight calls for diplomacy and bridge-building. The solution and victory are within you. (EZM)

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