Agatha Christie’s Marple S01E01 – Body in the Library [FULL EPISODE]

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Dolly Bantry calls upon her old friend Miss Marple when the strangled corpse of an unknown blonde girl is found in the library of her home, Gossington Hall.

Agatha Christie’s popular elderly female sleuth solves crimes that have the police baffled. Through she appears frail, her mind is sharp as a tack and she frequently solves the mystery in large part by simply paying close attention to the evidence.

In the BBC Miss Marple TV adaptation of Nemesis, a letter from Mr Rafiel’s solicitors indicate that St Mary Mead is located in the (also fictional) county of Middleshire. The St Mary Mead of Katherine Grey is in Kent.

The character of Miss Marple is based on friends of Christie’s step grandmother/aunt (Margaret Miller, née West).[6] Christie attributed the inspiration for the character to a number of sources, stating that Miss Marple was “the sort of old lady who would have been rather like some of my step grandmother’s Ealing cronies – old ladies whom I have met in so many villages where I have gone to stay as a girl”.[7] Christie also used material from her fictional creation, spinster Caroline Sheppard, who appeared in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. When Michael Morton adapted the novel for the stage, he replaced the character of Caroline with a young girl. This change saddened Christie and she determined to give old maids a voice: Miss Marple was born.[8]

Christie may have taken the name from Marple railway station, through which she passed, or from Marple Hall, near her sister Margaret Watts‘ home at Abney Hall.[9][10]

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