At Rest

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At Rest

She sat in her chair
and I could see
she was at rest
from the world and me.

Pale as a pearl brought
up from the sea
her skin was like wax
she was dead you see.

Time was no more
alas she was gone
to the place where they say
we need time no more.

She was my mother
I loved her you see
but we can’t live forever
it’s just not to be.

I will cherish those days
when she took care of me
from childhood to manhood
until she left me.


101 Poems 

Kindle Edition

by Gordon S. McCulloch (Author) 

A fine collection of one hundred and one poems compiled by Gordon S. McCulloch covering a wide range of topics such as love, romance, relationships, religion, prayers, the meaning of life, death and our relationship with God.Some have been written in a manner that will provoke your innermost emotions, while others dig into the amusing side of life. All have been composed under the auspices of the Muse.

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