Magellanic Cloud (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)

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Shimmering in distant skies, a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way provides inspiration for Steve Slight and his “Magellanic Cloud”. Rocket-fuelled percussion thrusts relentlessly onward while a filtered motif echoes across space and time. Intensity and passion are rolled into a powerful vision of the future. Iconic names from dance music’s past come fully to the fore as D-Nox and Beckers coalesce in common purpose across Germany’s industrial heartland. New melodies emerge in intelligent fashion from a commanding club-infused rhythm and a new “Magellanic Cloud” forms through exquisitely crafted motifs that evolve elegantly from familiar themes.

Across the Atlantic, from Toronto to Berlin, a masterclass is served courtesy of Dowden’s grace and technique. A cavernous bass groove looks deep into the heart of the “Magellanic Cloud” as endless synth delays spiral across the stereo spectrum to create a new syncopated universe. A resonating force of nature echoes into the infinite distance before Polish flair rises across the UK. A fizzing, crackling surge of energy swells into a new sonic cloud that explodes with life through glittering arpeggios and raw elemental power. Rumbling bass notes and heavyweight beat inspire a new “Magellanic Cloud” to form across Controlwerk’s musical galaxy.

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