Return to Base · Steve Slight · MXV

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Original musician, innovative producer … Belgium techno Dj and Flemish melody man STEVE SLIGHT quickly became a strong producer of the Techno scene. He is now part of the small & closed circle of the producers of his generation. Often associated with magician producer Ramon Tapia, the name of Steve Slight has been synonymous with quality dancefloor productions for years. His music enters a deeper level, detached from time and space, beyond all points of reference or rational categorization.

Cosmopolitan cities join forces across the English Channel as Steve Slight and MXV “Return to Base”. Heavy beat and pulsating basslines sweep across in waves against fizzing shaker rhythms as melodic synergy converges through music’s universal language. Arpeggios glitter in sparkling sunlight and emotive chords shine a beacon of hope and energy.

Fresh from Mango Alley triumph, Anton Make creates a new percussive base that bristles with dynamism. New chords and growling elemental energy transforms into a new and vibrant interpretation before German mastery is revisited via Th;en. New motifs are forged from base materials to create a steely offering of power and razor-like rhythmc precision. Melodies continue to flow in rippling patterns that echo through Europe.

From vast Utah plains to metropolitan city, Donny Carr delivers a final ‘Return to Base’. Flowing in effervescent and hypnotic patterns, a multi-coloured sonic landscape appears over the horizon. A meandering lead-line appears across Salt Lake City in smooth synth power while hypnotic rhythm and bass power keep anchor.

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