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Luis Miguel González Bosé (born 3 April 1956), usually known as Miguel Bosé, is a Spanish pop new wave musician and actor.

Propelled by his famous family and their friends, Bosé started a career as an actor in 1971, taking part in various movies. He quickly found work on the basis of his talent and good looks rather than his family name. He studied acting as well as dancing and singing. Due to the lack of acting opportunities, he started exploring his talents as a singer in 1975. With the assistance of Camilo Sesto he recorded his first singles. Two years later, in 1977, Bosé signed a contract with CBS Records and he remained with them until 1984.[4] Between 1977 and 1982, Bosè was a major teen idol in Italy, Spain, Southern Europe and in all Latin America. He had 7 top ten hits that earned him a secure spot in every televised song festival held in the aforementioned countries. By 1983 his star had severely waned in Italy, and he rarely performed there again until the 2000s, retreating to Latin American markets instead.

From 1983 to 1985, he participated in the “Llena Tu Cabeza De Rock” television specials on Puerto Rican WAPA-TV. In 1985 he enjoyed his greatest success with “Amante bandido” which topped the charts all over Latin America and in Spain. The video to that song also became one of the most widely seen Spanish music videos, with Bose playing both a Superman style superhero and an Indiana Jones type of adventurer. In Italy, where he had a parallel career singing in both Italian and English his greatest success would be in 1994 by winning Festivalbar, the second largest musical event after the Sanremo Music Festival), for the third time.

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