NEOWISE – Glasgow (Original Mix) // Area Verde

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Neowise was founded on a desire to reconcile the music of the heyday of the 80s, with the devastating techno of the underground era of today. Fruit of the experiences of two artists, Vaälha and Julien Cloud, met shortly before the first Lockdown. A first studio residency followed in July 2020 which formed the beginning of Neowise. From this, it emerges a deep desire to bring together and make the lovers of these different universes dance, by juggling a punchy rhythm from rock, with retro and colored synths by Julien, allied to the powerful Techno / EBM of Renan. It was during a pure isolation in the countryside that a first EP was born. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes and soaring towards this musical culmination and an artistic alchemy that has been made between them.

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