I’ll go with your suggestion and do the X-Ray with The Astrological Spread.

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In her mid-thirties, Dianne Baker, a young ENFP woman wearing professional attire, canary skirt suit, Chanel bag, and matching peep-toe slingbacks, studied the decor in Madam Turbina’s parlor. It was a small room with two windows decorated by wooden Venetian blinds, dark blackout drapes, and two domed Tiffany-style lamps on spindly pedestal tables at both ends of a tufted plumb purple settee which made Dianne smile.

Madam Turbina, who recently passed away, left the psychic salon to Carter. He, an INFJ, is in his early forties and a widower with a young son. Carter Davis favors dockers, marron belts, topsiders, and button-down cotton pique shirts. He is a Licenced Profecional Councelor.

“Hello, can I help you?” Opened Carter.
“I’d like to get a reading, please. Is there a way we can do it now? Unfortunately, I don’t have an appointment.”

“Carter Davis,” he said as a matter of introduction and waved his right arm towards the studio, showing her the way into the adjoining room.

“Please go ahead, walk inside and take a seat on the yellow wingback. I will be sitting across from you on the small stool.”

“Dianne Baker, thank you.”

They sat opposite each other on a round, mother of pearl inlaid table. Carter took out a deck of tarot cards and offered her the menu. Dianne took the list and scrutinized it.

“You can choose the reading you like. We can do the Celtic Cross if you have a specific question, but I recommend The Astrological Spread if you want a general picture. It gives an X-Ray of your current life situation, where it might need adjustments, and how to best achieve your goals. There are other past, present, and future readings, but I recommend the general picture for my first clients. Then you can choose a card or area you’d like to specialize in, and we can go deeper into it.”

Dianne looked at the menu, then at Carter.

“I’ll go with your suggestion and take The Astrological Spread. How long will it take?”

“Oh, less than an hour. You will be out of here in no time.” Carter said, sensing her wavering. “We will get started right away.” Carter shuffled the deck, asked Dianne to cut it three times and put it back together. Cater dealt the twelve card spread.

Dianne was resentful of an incident in the near past. She believed she was passed over for a promotion, a highly desired, indispensable, and demanding position, for showing vulnerability to a coworker and now has closed herself off as a consequence, unaware she has shut out her source of inspiration. Her compassion.

The first card, her image, influenced the third, her communication, and thus the last one, her dreams and fears. The rest of the cards were balanced and harmonious. Dianne Baker’s life was a success, but she couldn’t reach the satisfaction she desired because her attitude affected her message and kept her from her dreams. She came across as shallow, insensitive, and callous when she was genuinely compassionate.

1 Carter smiled at Dianne and said, pointing at a card at his left, “we will start at nine o’clock, card number one. Aries with the Five of Pentacles represents your public image, what people see of you, and what you hide. Sometimes, we do this unaware. Now notice it is upside down or reversed. It doesn’t mean the opposite, but a diminished upright. In this case, it means recovery from financial loss but spiritual poverty.”

Now, I’ve looked at the cards, and they show a dedicated, devoted, financially successful woman. I’m finding it hard to place this first card. You present an image of monetary interests, and people think you are….”

“My friends think I’m shallow? Let them think I’m silly. What else does it say?”

Carter looked up, grinned, noted the pushback, and spoke softer, pointing at the card.

“The image is of someone who has endured and succeeded; however, it seems they think you are unsatisfied, and that’s because to them you’ve become materialistic and have lost your soul to the bling. To them, you don’t seem to care. You’ve grown cold. “

2 He side-eye glanced at Dianne, looked back at the cards, and continued with the reading.

“Taurus Nine of Wands in the upright position means resilience, courage, persistence, test of faith, boundaries. This card is about what makes you feel safe and secure and usually represents the material realm. We just touched on that. You at this moment feel confident having money, and you have it. According to the cards, you will have money. It will be persistent, though it will require courage and resilience, and boundaries. Your past achievements prove you have the inner resources to overcome life’s daily obstacles and whatever is coming ahead. You have conviction and drive.”

3 “Gemini Two of Wands in the upright position means future planning, progress, decisions, discovery. Here we explore what you want to express but isn’t coming clear. Similar to your image, this is your communication skills. Are they helping or failing you? For example, it seems you are interested in making plans and are having difficulties expressing your desires for the future. Your image conflict may project you as unfocused or rudderless.”

4 “As we move down and around the circle, we come to the house of Cancer, home and family.” Carter continues, “the Two of Pentacles upright means multiple priorities, time management, prioritization, adaptability.”

“You are juggling, as the picture shows. You are working several gigs at once, and this requires talent. Are you aware of the priorities and roles you are juggling? The card indicates you are doing a fantastic job.”

5 “Leo, the fiery side of you, of love and creativity with the Queen of Swords upright, meaning independence, unbiased judgment, clear boundaries, direct communication. It pertains to non-work-related activities. What or how do you like to have fun and you are highly competitive. What kind of sports do you enjoy playing? Are you the captain by chance?”

Dianne puts a finger across her lips, smiling. Her lipstick, a glossy red matching her fingernails, and the red toe showing on her peep-toe slingback shoes.

6 “Now Virgo number 8, Strength upright which is courage, persuasion, influence, compassion, and the daily detail of life. How are you doing, and what are your habits physically? You have the fervor, and you have discipline. We again have influence, but compassion. Echoing the previous card. It takes strength to feel your feelings.”

7 “Libra, Knight of Wands, reversed, stands for passion-project, haste, scattered energy, delays, frustration; Libra about our relationships – good and bad!”

“It would appear there is some discomfort in your current relationship situation. It isn’t clear if it is an intimate relationship or all in general, but none of those relationships seem too important to you. It advises to focus on time and what you can change. Possibly your expectations.”

8 ” We see significant life changes when we look into Scorpio. This can be births, deaths but beyond that, it can be real spiritual or soulful transformation. It is a good place to start when questioning why we are here or our soul’s purpose. The Ten of Cups upright means divine love, blissful relationships, harmony, alignment.”

“For you, Dianne, we have love and more love. It’s a very positive card. Follow our heart. Now, it doesn’t mean the same to all. But, you have been following your heart, as we saw on the second card, with resilience.”

9 “Sagittarius, this house shows your central beliefs and gives us clues about what we need to do to further develop our souls. And Queen of Pentacles reversed means, financial independence, self-care, work-home conflict.”

“It seems though you are juggling things well on the outside, you aren’t doing as well on the inside, but you are doing the right thing and caring for yourself. However, if you aren’t acknowledging the value of people and their company, it’s challenging to schedule and prioritize.”

10 “Capricorn is the house of reputation and status, and the Seven of Pentacles is a long-term view, sustainable results, perseverance, investment.”

“Dianne, you have a stellar reputation. You are reliable, you persevere, and you are a long hauler. That’s enviable.

11 “Aquarius The Emperor. This is your social life and your extended group of friends. Upright, authority, establishment, structure, a father figure. You are a leader in your group. It’s impressive, captain.”

12 “Pisces and the Four of Cups upright, meditation, contemplation, apathy, reevaluation. This last one is my favorite. It can show development in psychic or intuitive abilities.”

“You contemplate and are in touch with your inner self. However, you feel apathetic, and it is time to reevaluate. There’s a need to open up. You yearn to see more, feel more, but you are shut off. You may feel you have enough, and that is ok. But as the image suggests, you can be happy counting your chickens, or you can open your eyes and see what’s offered to you.” Carter suggests to Dianne. Turn your feelings, your empathy back on; it’s your greatest asset. You need to bring up your sensitivity, your compassion, not suppress it. That’s the answer.
Carter looks up from the cards and into Dianne’s eyes and nods yes. She looked perplexed and sat back deep in her wingback chair.

“Explain that again, please.”

“Yes, like Chinese acupuncture concepts and ying-yang. If you are low on one side, we enhance the complement. If you are high on another, we raise what’s down. We don’t suppress; we improve to reach harmony.”

“I recommend freeing yourself to be vulnerable and feel compassion for your employees, family, and friends. The reality is, you aren’t a prisoner of your feelings, and maybe that’s what you portrayed at that moment, but more time could prove the contrary, as I would expect from the reading of your cards. You have the confidence, dedication, and grit it takes. Show you cared, how it mattered, and show you know, and it made you better.”

“Thank you, Carter; there’s plenty to think about. I appreciate your time. Can I pay with a credit card?”

“I appreciate yours, and yes, you can.”

WE&P by: EZorrilla

This is fiction.

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