Vini Vici – Divine Mode (Pixel Remix)

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Tabernanthe was the first ever release to go out on Iboga Records all the way back in 1998. The compilation made an important impact not only due to its success with listeners, but it also ushered in the beginning of a new and exciting direction in the scene – the formation of a label that aimed at promoting and pioneering new styles within the psytrance scene.

With the release of the Tryptamin and Ethnobotony compilations which followed in 2000, the concept of the compilation series made a clear statement about Iboga’s focus on showcasing new artists, new styles and the ever expanding diversity of psychedelic trance. That drive to present innovative and wide-randing sounds has continued to be the foundation of the label ever since. Label bosses Emok and Banel now go back to the roots and revive this compilation series with a new edition titled ‘Entheogenic’, featuring a diverse range of tracks from both well established producers and promising up-and-coming talent.

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