ANTON MAKE Arepo (Dowden Remix)

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001 arepo
002 arepo roger martinez remix
003 arepo dowden remix
004 arepo john cosani remix

From the banks of the Volga, “Arepo” rises from a fortified citadel as Anton MAKe forges another powerful construct from the Sator Square. A rhythmic cadence rolls effortlessly forward as a bassline sits below in symmetrical beauty. Melodic splendour ripples concurrently in hypnotic parallel and a heavy beat anchors the symphony of sound. A returning Dutch master orchestrates a new masterpiece redolent in aural textures and opulent sonic palette. Glistening patterns swirl and coalesce around Roger Martinez’s vivid synth lines, pitching and bending against a harmonious chord sequence in delicate layers of tonality.

Along Lake Ontario’s north western shoreline, a new edifice rises from Dowden’s distinctive sonic architecture. Muted tones provide a mirror image of “Arepo”; a bouncing bassline creates easy familiarity while a new groove creates the framework for new artistry to flourish. A South American star creates an arpeggiated backdrop with palindromic majesty where John Cosani reinvents “Arepo”. Water droplets of sound filter through the sonic spectrum alongside familiar bass patterns and a swathe of original textures blend in vivid sonic colours.

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