SUZé Late-Blooming

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SUZé Late-Blooming / Truly

001 late-blooming
002 late-blooming LADS remix
003 truly
004 truly subandrio remix

As the northern hemisphere awakens from winter slumbers, SUZé creates “Late-blooming”; a vibrant spring awakening from the interconnected waterways that grow out of the Elbe like tree branches. Free-flowing analogue melodies glide like tendrils across a root system of heavy beat and percussive intent. Continuing a “Truly” powerful narrative, rapid rolling bassline paves the way for clipped melodies to blossom into a rousing symphony of colour and vitality. Raw energy prevails in hypnotic beauty and subtle white noise infusions.

A return to familiar waters, the distance between Europe and South Africa vanishes through LADS’ musical mastery, while seasonal inverse converges in deep “Late-blooming”. Always intelligent, motifs flurry in characteristic innovative fashion. A new story emerges, full of glorious technicolour rooted in SUZé’s work. At the height of production powers, Subandrio creates anther “Truly” impressive remix. From the western edge of a teardrop island, organic motifs, elegant effects and brooding bassline capture a distinctive style. Full of progressive power it glitters in pulsating, crashing waves of sound across Colombo coastline.

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