PREMIERE: ODAX – Increase Your… [La Cura de la Semana]

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We present to you the 3rd release of La Cura de La Semana “Summer 2021 – Various Artists” by Progressive House and Melodic Techno. V / A Summer 2021, brings together 4 international sound artists on the label: Christian Monique (Italy), Kaito Aman (Brazil), Salazar (Colombia) and ODAX (Cuba). From their regions, they express their unique perception, creating a cultural bridge that reaffirms music as the universal language. Summer 2021 arrived and we found the vibes and lilting rhythms of the season to taste at sunset but with the intellectual and reflective touch of La Cura.

Alexis de la O (1977), alias Odax, is a Cuban electronic music producer. He is part of the duos Nacional Electrónica (2004-) and I.A. (2008-). He has composed music for contemporary dance, theater, advertising and audiovisuals. In recent years he has become interested in club music and has explored different genres, among which Progressive House stands out. Increase Your … (Medication) is that state of well-being after conquering our space of mental freedom, the cure is music. We are in the presence of a typical track of The Cure of the Week with vibes of tremendous intellect, the artist embodies the solid concept that music Heals the Soul. The melodies, harmonies, textures, rhythm and use of effects have a subtlety that from the beginning you are already dancing progressively, once in the trip when the climax arrives and you close your eyes you are already in another dimension and cured with this track of spiritual basis.

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