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Greece and Russia join forces in a new movement through the Balkans where Tash and Mango find a “Lost” musical world. Elemental basslines pulsate through the earth’s magnetic fields as hypnotic rhythms guide and control lustrous textures. Cascading arpeggios rise and fall to build new sonic patterns and subtle melodic phrasing finds its place. Rising from the Baltic coast, Rauschhaus returns with ice cool melody and reimagined intrigue. Entwined motifs are Lost’ within each other in smooth melancholy and haunting vocal refrain. Clubland rhythms find their mark through snare rolls and powerfully pitched drop in a new mesmerising interpretation.

Diverse musical backgrounds combine within cosmopolitan Buenos Aries where childhood’s end brought shared synthesised dreams. Oliver and Tom find a new lost’ memory that floats through a haze of shimmering pads, analogue lines and subtle pulsing waves. Motifs shine and chord progressions provide a new hope among familiar bassline presence. Meanwhile, a lost Roman settlement sits on the Iberian Peninsula where Kyotto defines a new vision across the Atlantic Ocean. Resonant bass force rumbles under heavy beat and raw energy. Light melodies float across the bay in perfect juxtaposition where familiar patterns echo within a new voyage of discovery and new vocal phrasing creates an understated shift in emphasis.

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