Monarke – Return (Original Mix)

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Steyoyoke is proud to present “Bridge of Eternity”, a monumental 12-track album by Monarke. Already established as a prolific and heavy-hitting producer for the label, Monarke has yet elevated his craft and delivers an astonishingly beautiful and captivating album.

This package covers wide and diverse terrain, with lush ethereal landscapes providing the perfect backdrop for soulful and haunting vocals, mesmerizing synth lines and tightly-coiled drums and basslines. Emotions run deep and in enveloping gusts, beautiful swirls of color and harmony in every direction.

Join Steyoyoke and Monarke on a true artist’s voyage of discovery; this is a collection of deeply personal stories will stir you, move you and transport you far and away, to an ethereal and cosmic realm of perception and discovery.

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