The Scientists – Quantum Of Sound (Full Album)

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THE SCIENTISTS Are: Vic Falah & Sahar Zangilevitch
Music arranged, composed, produced & mixed by The Scientists.

Recorded at VIX Studio Tel Aviv.

The Scientists – Quantum Of Sound released on 2021-06-18 by Armadillo Records – AR021
The Scientists found the perfect platform for Quantum Of Sound, their latest release. Innovative and open-minded, Armadillo Records is Guy J’s avant-garde label making a change in the world of electronic music. When it comes to creativity, the 21st outlet in the catalog is proof of the right path.

The connection between science and music advances countless elements of both. Numerous studies have displayed a significant link between mathematics and acoustics. No wonder scholars have been researching the relationship of the musical pitch to the study of numbers
since the beginning of time.

Evident in their music, The Scientists take an academic approach to their expression. Their equipment has more of a laboratory look than an archive of musical instruments. Their sound has a quality of top-secret technology and touches the most profound intellectual properties of
the mind.

Even though they have been active in their sound research for eons, the wider public has noticed them opening for Jean-Michel Jarre’s concert at the Dead Sea. Impressed by their set, the legendary French composer let them use the vocals from his composition Hypnose
as a part of their album.

Divided into four tracks, Earth, Time, Quantum, and Redemption, the material delivers a conceptually cohesive soundtrack dealing with utopian and dystopian motifs. The album displays almost fifty minutes of futuristic electronica, expanding the barriers of the genre.

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