Simon Chylinski (Subnautica) — Alien Passageways

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Wow!! I must say that the creature in this video is very scary, & the Sci-Fi sound included with it creates a very scary atmosphere too, perfect for the video!! But, the sound & the video were created excellently, they truly live up to the name, Sci-Fi!!
The greatest of thanks to you, my very dear friend, Geytkeypur, for always using your wonderful heart to always share with us forever devoted listeners all of these absolutely fascinating & totally enthralling videos & sounds & musical pieces!! It all always sounds so wonderful!! It always looks great!! & It’s always an excellent experience for us!! Yvette Sanchez.

PURCHASE DETAILS: Amazon: iTunes: Spotify: ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● AUDIO DETAILS: ► Native Length: 00:02:17.35184 ► Duplicated ► Removed the last 2.334 sec. ► Mixed in original duplicate (with 20 sec crosfade) at end of cropped file ► Loop points set: 00:00:44.19295 to 00:02:39.21061 ► Loop Length: 115.02 sec (00:01:55.01766) ► 32x Loops ► For a final length of: 01:01:42.89943 ► Exported as WAV ▶ Exported to Premiere Pro

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