Star Wars Piano Collections | Anakin’s Sonata | EMOTIONAL Star Wars Piano

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Darth Vader playing a piano! Never thought I’d see the day.

00:00 Death of Anakin [Jedi Temple March Sad]
05:26 Luke & Anakin
08:49 Men of The Death Star [Victory Celebration Sad]
13:08 The End of The Jedi [Rey’s Theme Sad]
18:19 Padme’s Funeral [Detuned Sad Piano]
21:43 Across The Stars [Sith Dark Piano Version]
23:36 Order 66 [Battle of The Heroes Sad]
26:46 Darth Nihilus Theme Piano Excerpt
27:32 Emperor’s Theme
28:11 Way of The Jedi
29:23 Duel of The Fates [Sad Piano]
34:30 Binary Sunset [Dark Piano]
40:06 Anakin’s Madness

Art by Lucian Stanculuscu!

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