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Five Of Cups – Today’s Card

Five Of Cups Description

The Five of Cups shows a man in a long black cloak looking down on three cups that have been knocked over – symbolic of his disappointments and failures. Behind him stand two cups representing new opportunities and potential, but he misses his possibilities because he is fixed on his losses (the over-turned cups).

In the background, a bridge crosses a large, flowing river and leads to the castle’s security or home on the opposite side of the riverbank – if only he can move on from the over-turned cups. 

The bridge is a message to ‘build a bridge and get over it!’ Likewise, the reversed five of cups card is a sign of recovery. 

UPRIGHT: Regret, failure, disappointment, pessimism.

REVERSED: Personal setbacks, self-forgiveness, moving on.

In tarot, the element of cups is water, and the suit of cups pertains to situations and events of an emotional nature – in contradistinction to physical, or mindful, or creative cores; physical would refer to an understanding with the five sensesmindful would refer to mental constructs and logical sequences, and creative would refer to the agility of transcending limits if so desired).[3][4] When the tarot is used in divination, an abundance of cups signifies an emotional issue, love situation, or something that affects the querent emotionally. Additionally, cups were the symbol of the clergy in feudal times, and thus cup cards can also be interpreted as having to do with spiritual or religious matters.

It is time to stop living in the past when the reversed 5 of Cups appears in a love tarot reading. This really is the card of moving on, of letting go of past grief and suffering. If you’ve recently gone through a breakup, this card can be a welcome sight to help motivate you to accept what has happened and make peace with it. As this chapter closes in your life, you are making room for new love to appear, where you truly live in the present, and not comparing current potential romances with your past. 

If you’re still healing, it’s only natural. Give yourself time, and be gentle; you will find happiness again. If you’re already in a relationship, you may have just gone through a tense period. Hopefully, you and your partner will have had all the discussions you needed to feel like you are both understood and heard. Try not to dwell on past hurts and resentments; look towards the future and what the two of you can change instead of what you cannot.

Career Meaning – Reversed 5 of Cups

When it comes to your career, if you’ve recently suffered a setback like a loss of a job, a layoff, or had a business go underwater, the reversed five of cups suggests that you have what you need to move past these terrible times. You can recoup some of your losses now. Healing is on the way; you may realize that despite the suffering you experienced, these losses allowed you to find a position that was much better suited to you. It is also likely that the stress and pain you have been experiencing due to these troubles will start to weigh on you less heavily. 

What does the 5 of Cups card mean in tarot?

In a general context, the Five of Cups Tarot card can represent sadness, loss, loneliness, and despair. … It is a card of emotional baggage and instability and can signify that you feel deep remorse, regret, anger, sorrow, or disappointment, and it shows you the way out. Reverse cards have the benefit of providing a pathway to fulfillment. Close the past to open the future. 

Experience your emotions of goodbye, cry a little and turn your attention back to the page when you are done. You will see the sunrise in your work. 

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