Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic, Rick Pier O’Neil – Typhoon (Original Mix) 

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No doubts, the great team formed by the georgian brothers Michael & Levan and the english artist Stiven Rivic (Mistique Music, Kunai Records), has been one of the most relevant symbiosis in the progressive house music scene in the last decade. This time, this trio has joined forces to the well known veteran and awesome artist Rick Pier O’Neil (RPO) to make this Typhoon EP, in their first appearance on Univack.

The EP includes 2 original tracks tittled Typhoon, and Monsoon. Both tracks are a proof of the hi quality that these artists have when they are in the studio. Two pieces halfway between Progressive House and Tech House, but with elements from others genres like funky, breaks, house, tech… all of them mixed with surgeon’s precision. We have no doubt that these pieces will be in your heavy weapons tracks folder.

Since first appearing together on the progressive house scene back in 2008 on their Mistique Music label, Michael, Levan and Stiven have evolved immensely. Although still widely regarded for their signature sound, more than ever the trio explores a variety of stylistic blueprints, often cross pollinating genres with an effortless ease.

The trio drifts effortlessly through styles, often blurring the lines of conventional genres and as the sound of trio constantly evolves, each Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic production comes with much excitement. Once thought of as purely progressive house artists, nowadays they have become adept at stylistically varied creations.

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