RIC NIELS Encounter

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Trademark melodies and effortless soundscapes flow through the fingertips of Ric Niels as he displays his true “Roots”. Verdant backdrops and rocky outcrops look over vast nature reserves as beautiful melodies glisten in the sultry atmosphere of a new “Encounter”. Shimmering motifs and arpeggiated sequences fall in rivulets across “Kinton”. Edgy synths and rolling phrases shift in symmetrical patterns against the undulating mountainside, building to a powerful summit of melody and emotion, an explosion echoes in the valley below. Beneath the forest canopy new “Roots” hold a commanding bassline force resonating with raw analogue power Towering overhead, new phrases blossom amongst the treetops in vibrant energy.

An Argentinean maestro forges a mesmerising new “Encounter” that bristles with organic energy and intense beauty. Beautifully animated melodies from Juan Deminicis create an atmosphere that conjures images of birdsong and teeming wildlife. Bristling with vitality, a path into the heart of the jungle is a trip of a lifetime. From the side of the sun, Weird Sounding Dude creates a dazzling new interpretation of “Kinton”. Seductive and exquisite, a new aural chemistry creates an alloy of precious sounds that gleam in the dark earth. Reverberated sounds echo into the distance in sonic shards of birdsong while hypnotic melodies hold sway against the quebracho blanco.

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