Simos Tagias – Euphoria (Original Mix) [meanwhile]

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  • RELEASE DATE 2021-03-19
  • LABEL Meanwhile

A regular contributor to the finest dance music imprints of the underground scene, Simos Tagias makes a welcome debut on Meanwhile with his “Euphoria” EP.

Bursting on to the scene in late 2012 and early 2013 with a clutch of releases on Modu and Lynx Records, Simos Tagias has overseen a career path with a steady upwards trajectory that has since seen some 400 production credits to his name. Indeed, Clubsonica Records, Mango Alley and Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music have all played regular host to the Greek artist’s work, not to mention successful releases on Cid Inc.’s Replug and Aly and Fila’s hugely successful FSOE.

Now opening his account on GMJ and Matter’s ever-growing Meanwhile, “Euphoria” immediately impresses as a collage of elements fly across the sonic spectrum while a clicking ambient effect and grooved percussion provide dance floor character. Building in effervescent fashion, reversed synth motifs vie with delicately delayed phrases as a plethora of spot effects swim enticingly around the listener’s head. Winding up after a dizzying breakdown, the third movement carefully combines all the elements introduced in the earlier stages through a mind-melting melange of frequencies that pitches and falls in an innovative wall of sound Phil Spector would be proud of.

“Emotion” is a high-octane offering powering forward with chest-thumping kick and immaculately syncopated percussive groove. White noise infused synth motifs soon fill the sonic spectrum as a rapid-fire 16th note bassline carries the melodic elements with ease. Full of emotion and beautifully flowing synth lines, the track reaches its musical zenith at the breakdown before hitting its stride in the second half where all elements converge in lay lines of raw power and emotion.

Directed by GMJ and Matter
Managed by James Warren
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Design by Matter
Text by James Warren

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