Captain, I’m used to seeing misery, some work, and then a happy ending, but this one starts in a good place.

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It was late in the day, and Helmsman Rowan was in the mess hall sitting at a table, with a set of 24 irregular medium size marked pebbles scattered on a soft cloth.  

“Helmsman Rowan, what are you doing at the mess this late, and why do you look so puzzled?”

“Good evening, Captain, I’ve tossed my runes, and now I want to read them, but something is off.”

“Let’s see. You have a few. Which one do you say is the problem?”

“Well, Sr., it’s a three-rune reading with the first rock being the past, and it doesn’t seem to fit.”

“Ok, I see it. I know what the symbol means, but what’s the problem with it.”

“Captain, I’m used to seeing misery, some work, and then a happy ending, but this one starts in a good place.”

“Rowan, time passes, so think of it this way. You see a scary movie by yourself, and you are frightened. Later you tell your friends about it, and you aren’t frightened anymore, but you remember how it felt. It’s a memory. Maybe so is all that misery. You remember it, you can relive it, but it’s in the past and gone.”

“It could be the rune before that one, and you would need to go further back in time to find it,” the Captain said, pointing at the left rune on the table. “Maybe this past is yesterday’s present because the rune readings need to reflect the passage of time. So, I can see it all. It starts with good work and your peace of mind after settling in with the crew. Subsequently, your promotion, and then you enrolled with the science team in deep space photo analysis to build a knowledge bridge of understanding between the present and the past.”

“I suppose it could be so, Captain. I hadn’t looked at it that way.”

“Haven’t you been happier lately?”

“Yes, Captain, absolutely joyous, Sr.” 

“Rowan, seriously. I’ve seen you smile and heard you laugh more often, and I point out your admission into the science team.”

“Captain, you are correct. The runes have changed my life just now, certainly my view of it. I had not stopped to see how nice it’s been these last few months and how many new friends I’ve made since joining the science team.”

“Rest well, Helmsman, and I am glad for you,” said the Captain smiling, then with a firm expression, reminded Rowan, “Don’t forget we’ll be traveling in uneven space tomorrow.

You can count on me, Captain. I’ll be ready.

After lightly patting his chest twice with his right palm, the Captain said good night and walked away, leaving Rowan with an expression of contentment.

Past. You begin at the point where you are at peace, and everything is going well. Then, you bring bout success by creating harmony and bonding friendships.

Present. The rebirth is nurturing growth, building creativity. It’s the shredding of old skin, creating a nurturing environment, and setting seeds in fertile ground.

Future. Letting go of the past is physical death, the spiritual rebirth is the knowledge obtained. Our connection with the past is the wisdom gained in the learning experience.

WE&P by EZorrilla.

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