Brother Where You Bound · Supertramp · 1985

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AllMusic‘s review was resoundingly positive, noting that the album’s thematic exploration of Cold War tensions “is dated and hasn’t aged very well… but the music is a pleasure.” They particularly praised the “crystalline sound”, the strong performances of the guest musicians, and the complexity of the compositions. They also praised the band for being “gutsy” enough to “re-embrace its progressive-rock roots” while improving their pop songcraft at the same time.[8]

In a review special, Prog Sphere writes “Brother Where You Bound is a prime example of ‘crossover’ prog at its very best, and as such highly recommended to anyone but those prog fans who think that ‘pop’ is inevitably a bad word.”[11]

Brother Where You Bound is the eighth studio album by the English rock band Supertrampreleased in 1985. It was their first album after original member Roger Hodgson left the band, leaving Rick Davies to handle the songwriting and singing on his own. The album features the group’s Top 30 hit “Cannonball“.

Brother Where You Bound reached number 20 on the UK Albums Chart[2] and number 21 on The Billboard 200 in 1985,[3] and went Gold according to the band’s then label A&M Records in 1985, although the RIAA hasn’t certified it yet.

To build interest in the release, the album was premiered to dozens of members of the press traveling aboard a specially chartered trip on the Orient Express from Paris to Venice, where reporters were shown the full video for “Brother Where You Bound”.[6] The normally low-profile group also did extensive radio and TV appearances, including a high-profile appearance on radio’s Rockline after a simulcast of the “Brother Where You Bound” video on MTV and Global Satellite Network.[7]

A remastered CD version of the album was released on 30 July 2002 on A&M Records.

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