Today’s Card – You can turn it around 

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Knight Of Wands Keywords

REVERSED: Passion Project, Haste, Scattered Energy, Delays, Frustration

UPRIGHT: Energy, Intensity, Inspired Action, Adventure, Impulsiveness.

The Card of the Day 

A Card of the Day spread comprises only one card. For this spread, you don’t need a significator. This method of interpretation is an easy way to learn tarot. The card selected will highlight where your Energy is best focused for the day ahead. It will also provide valuable insight into what issues you are presently working through in your life and can highlight what needs more attention or healing. Many readers pick a Card of the Day before they begin their day to see what’s in store. It’s fascinating to look back at the end of your day at the card you chose in the morning. Hindsight will reveal how the symbolism contained within that card worked its way through your day. 

To select a Card of the Day, find a sliver of time when you can relax, focus, and breathe. Then, when you are ready, hold your deck of cards and center yourself. Taking three deep breaths allows me to calm my mind enough to read tarot symbolism effectively. 

Slowly inhale through your nose over an eight-second count. Hold your inhalation for another eight seconds. Next, purse your lips into the shape you make when drinking out of a straw. Exhale through this resistance over another eight counts. Repeat this process twice more. Try not to rush or skip the breathing process. You will probably get more insight into the card if you approach your reading calmly and centered. 

Begin shuffling your tarot deck. While mixing, you can ask, “What does my best self want me to see today?” Or, “What do I need to keep in mind to improve my life’s direction?” While shuffling, try to release your expectations about what you hope to see. Resist the temptation to judge some cards as good and others as bad. Every card on the deck holds great magic and healing potential. When you are ready, let your intuition guide your hand to select the right card. Your inner knowing will not make a mistake. When you turn over the card and view it for the first time, simply say, “Thank you. I accept what you are showing me.” 

The card you choose will have a vital significance today; however, you may need to look deeper into the imagery to receive its fundamental message. For example, just because you pick a brightly colored, happy-looking card, that does not mean the day will transpire without a hitch. Conversely, receiving a card that you perceive as unfavorable does not mean that your day will be horrible or that you should just stay under the covers at home. 

Take a moment to look at the picture on the card before looking up someone else’s definition. Is there something that really catches your eye in the image? What does that symbol make you feel? How could this card relate to your most significant concerns lately? 

The Card of the Day does not reveal how your day will go, but what your intuition wishes you to see about what you are learning. If the card’s meaning eludes you, look it up in a book. If a specific sentence jumps out while reading the chapter, that is your message! (1)

Looking at the reverse card rotating towards the upright, the day may require you to adjust your attitude. From Passion to Energy, Haste to Intensity. Scattered Energy into Inspired Action. Delays to Adventures and Frustration to Impulsiveness. 

The Knight of Wands’ symbolism is straightforward. When it appears, it means a great time to get away and travel. The person should feel charged up and full of life. One is also ready to get things done. He is adventurous and can find fun things to do, no matter where he is.

Keep an eye out for the opportunity to turn it around. 

WE&P by EZorrilla.

1-“Fearless Tarot: How to Give a Positive Reading in Any Situation” by Elliot Adam (Pg.269).

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