I thought, 3/2 chance of wining, but out of five prizes I won two.

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Fortunetelling is an inexact, interpretative, and whimsically surprising practice. 

The 5 Card Yes/No Spread

This is a very cool spread that gives you more information than a straight yes or no.

The premise is that Major Arcana and even numbers are a yes. Odd numbers and court cards are a no. You draw 5 cards which means that there won’t be a draw.

You will rarely get 5 straight yes or no, but it’s a definite if you do. If you get 3/2, I would class this as a yes/no but more in the maybe category.

There are a few anomalies, and this is where it comes down to interpretations. Even though Aces are odd numbers, they represent a yes (especially the Ace of Pentacles).

When you have your decision, look at the cards and see if you can get an interpretation from them.

In my mind, I saw I had a three-two chance of winning or 66% probability, but I took it too far. It turned out I won two out of five prizes. It was also a ratio. I hadn’t thought I could win more than one prize, but I did. Nice.

Conclusion: How did the cards influence my behavior or action? I was prepared to win or lose and knew I had to work at it, but I wasn’t any less or more confident because a I could see a practical path. However, what it will do is remind me to keep an eye on multiple outcome events. I won’t forget I can win more than one prize at a time. 

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