OLING – ‘Aves’ [VIV030]

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Vivrant’s sixth and final release of the year brings you the debut of OLING. The 25-year-old from Rättvik, a small village located a four-hour drive from the capital of Stockholm, began his voyage into electronic music over a decade ago. After spending his childhood years immersed by the rich fauna and breathtaking nature of the Swedish north, OLING has carved out an intriguing sonic and aesthetic niche in melodically infused house and techno that will leave a lasting impact.

Drawing notable inspiration from his cherished childhood memories from the relentless waterways and soothing hissing sounds of the wind making its way through the pine trees, he’s devised a melancholic and riveting debut project. ‘Aves’ channels the suspense and tranquility of mother nature and presents a captivating tribute to the place he calls home. ‘Aves’ EP – Stream on Spotify https://td.vivrant.nu/viv030

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