A Year In The Life Of Anjunadeep | EPISODE 5 OF 5

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So, here we are. At the end of what has been a truly astonishing year for Anjunadeep. The first 80 tracks can already give you a very good idea of what it’s all about, but why not treat yourself to the 5th episode as well?

Twenty more stunners, closing off this year’s collection in top fashion. When you consider that the label put out over 275 tracks spread across over 120 EP’s, you can only agree that that’s a pretty astounding number. And that excluding album releases! We had Ben Böhmer, Qrion, Alan Fitzpatrick, lycoriscoris, Lakou Mizik and Leaving Laurel dropping stunning LP’s as well. This has been nothing short of amazing. So, here it is. Episode 5. I’m not going to try and round up my personal favourites and perhaps make a seperate video to tell you guys about that. In the mean time, enjoy this final instalment, stay safe and merry Christmas!


  1. Leaving Laurel – Need Little, Want Less
  2. Evren Furtuna – Cupid
  3. Ben Böhmer – Fade To Blue
  4. Moon Kyoo – Between The Suns
  5. Nōpi – Gotcha
  6. Matt Lange – Rift (Alex O’Rion Extended Mix)
  7. Sebastian Sellares – Garden Of Eden
  8. Franky Wah feat. AETHO – Should Have Seen It Coming (Yotto Extended Mix)
  9. Nox Vahn – Tribute
  10. My Friend – Lager Beers
  11. Tinlicker – Lost Gravity
  12. Luttrell – More Than Human
  13. Simon Doty – House For All
  14. Marsh – Heaven
  15. Bantwanas – Dingane
  16. My Friend & Osolot – Gotta Have You
  17. Luttrell – Breakfast On Mars
  18. Tinlicker feat. Jamie Irrepressible – You Take My Hand
  19. Alan Fitzpatrick – Something Wonderful
  20. Martin Roth – Love Theme

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